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Content Production Projects

In the past 15 years, in addition to regular work, the studio has also been involved in content production to complement the design of hotels, public spaces, villas, and private homes. Visual content production is usually done in close collaboration with the interior designer, architect, and developer.

Samples of our work

Among the clients who have commissioned art and visual content completion, you can find:

Almond boutique hotel

Commissioned art work for the conference room at the Almond hotel

In collaboration with interior designer Chaya Barak and the branding firm of Daniel Zaken, three large-scale artworks were commissioned to enhance the design and branding of the new Almond boutique hotel. These artworks, sized 120/180 centimeters and mounted on floating plexiglass, contribute to the hotel's distinctive visual language.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

פורטרטים של נגני הפילהרמונית

A major project of new portrait photography for the orchestra musicians, intended for the creation of a new website and an artist wall at the entrance to the hall. The musicians were all photographed against a green screen, and the backgrounds for each group of musicians were photographed and combined separately.

Azrieli Center / the lobby of the square tower

Avshalom Levi the artist shows his commissioned art at the Azrieli compound

The artwork was chosen from among hundreds of proposals by artists to be displayed in the lobby of the Square Tower at the Azrieli Center. The piece is a photograph on metal (mirror-finished stainless steel) measuring 2 meters in height & 3 meters in width, divided into four sections. The artwork weighs 50 kg, and a creative solution was found to avoid drilling into the marble. The work was purchased by the Azrieli Center and has been on display since 2012.

Daniel Hotel Herzliya

עבודת אמנות מסדרון מלון דניאל

In the northern coastal area, the decision was made to integrate imagery evoking sailing and the sea. To realize this concept, I visited several marinas, boarded yachts, and embarked on cruises to capture the essence of the project through photography.

Daniel Hotel Herzliya - Business Section


n the business wing, it was decided to incorporate kinetic images inspired by the world of dance. This approach aimed to capture the dynamic and graceful movements associated with dance, bringing a sense of energy and motion to the space. The chosen images reflect the fluidity and rhythm of dance, adding a vibrant and artistic touch to the business environment.

Soroka Hospital Be'er Sheva - Maternity & New IVF wing 

עבודת אמנות סורוקה תינוק ופרפרים

In the new maternity wing, a collaboration with designer Michal Dotan led to the creation of a series of images blending babies with butterflies. This is exemplified in the artwork titled 'Grip Reflex', comprising 24 Perspex units, each measuring 50/50 centimeters.

As for the fertility wing (IVF), the decision was made to integrate elements inspired by the natural world into the space.

Lago in Lake Rishon LeZion

a day with a bride. wedding editorial production 01 on the wall of 'Lago'  wedding and conferences complex

For the corridors of the conference and event halls in Lake Rishon West, a collection of works from a luxurious and unique fashion production was selected. These pieces depict the story of the hours leading up to an event, capturing the anticipation and preparation involved. The chosen artworks add an element of sophistication and narrative depth, enhancing the ambiance of the spaces where conferences and events are held.

Savoy Hotel Düsseldorf

black and white original production on top of a hotel room in Savoy Dusseldorf

To complete the room designs, a period fashion production featuring several models was carried out. From this production, two intricate works were chosen to be placed above the beds in the rooms.

Bat Sheva Trip Hotel Jerusalem

original photography and art design on one of the walls of the trip bat sheva hotel

During initial meetings for the content production project at the new Bat Sheva Trip boutique hotel in Jerusalem, it was decided in collaboration with designer Dana Oberzon and entrepreneur Reuven Ella to narrate a century-spanning Jerusalem story. This narrative encompassed religions, ethnicities, narrow streets, flavors, aromas, and authentic Jerusalem portraits. The project unfolded over several months of intensive research, exploration, and photography, resulting in the creation of selected visuals. For archival photos, I selected from the esteemed American Colony - Matson collection.

Villas, houses and staircases

עבודת אמנות בית פרטי

Collaborative projects for private clients involve working closely with interior designers and the clients themselves to develop content that aligns with both the design vision and the client's personal style. One such project, in collaboration with interior designer Sima Bachar, included photography of the project and the creation of artwork displayed in the living room.

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