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Avshalom Levi 

הפורטרט של אבשלום לוי

Avshalom Levi – Born in Jerusalem, Graduated at the Department of Photography, Hadassah College. Avshalom's photographic work in the realm of fashion and advertisement reveals a very unique personal approach, that has evolved during the six years he has worked in London and Paris.


During this period his work was shown in numerous prestigious exhibitions. Avshalom's work is strongly influenced by Cartier Bresson, Doisneau, along with Irving Penn and Helmut Newton.


Avshalom Levi is a very versatile Photographer and Artist, but his true passion lies in documentary work, and he has stayed with this art form throughout the years during which he has done fashion and advertisement related photography. 

As a fashion photographer Avshalom does work for clients in Israel and internationally.



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